Have you ever juiced a glass of fruit juice in the morning? What about in the afternoon or evening? If you have, then you may be wondering how long can you keep fresh juice. The truth is you should drink it right after juicing, but even if you’ve already let it sit too long, don’t worry. I’m going to share with you some fresh juice storing tips that will make sure your juice stays fresh for days after you’ve made it.

Bacteria don’t care about the expiration date printed on the side of your orange juice bottle. They’re going to do whatever it is that they do, whenever they want to do it. And that could be bad news for you, especially if you keep your OJ in the refrigerator door. Fresh juice is a healthy addition to most diets, and it’s a lot more forgiving than fresh-squeezed orange juice. The way you drink it is going to make a big difference in how long the juice lasts. 

When it comes to keeping fruits or vegetable juices fresh, it isn’t just a matter of keeping the produce from going bad. It goes beyond that and into the art of giving them a little extra life so they can be enjoyed a bit longer. Here are a few tips for doing just that with a variety of healthy produce items.

Here’s my guide on how long fresh juice can be stored.

How Long Can You Keep Fresh Juice?

This common question can be answered in a couple of ways: it depends. Fresh juice should be consumed immediately. If the juice is to be stored, then put the juice in the freezer in case all juices (except for apples, can keep juice for 2 weeks in the fridge). If you need to keep the juice for a few hours, then keep it in a refrigerator with a temperature between 2-4 degrees Celsius. 

A significant number of factors affect the freshness of the juice. You can determine how long it lasts by understanding the quality of ingredients, the type of juicer or blender you use, and how it is stored. The longest shelf life will be found for juice prepared from organic produce with a masticating (or cold press) juicer stored under a vacuum. The juice can still last up to two days if properly cooled and stored if using a centrifugal juicer.

If you see that the cork is damaged, then do not open the bottle because it will damage juice quality. When storing juice, don’t put it in a plastic bag. Juice is an organic product and, if not stored properly, will spoil easily. Always use a corkscrew when opening a bottle of wine. Check the bottle to see the year it was bought. Don’t buy a bottle if it is more than one year old.

How To Make Fresh Juice Last Longer?

A common question many people have is how to make juice last longer. Most of us adore the taste of fresh juice. The flavor, aroma, and health benefits are fantastic, but most people don’t know that fresh juice has an expiration date. To prevent your favorite drink from going bad or getting moldy, you can learn how to preserve it by knowing its shelf life.

Avoid freezing your juice:

Freezing juice can destroy its nutritional value. It can lose up to 70% of its vitamin C value in the first 24 hours. Freezing causes the water in the juice to expand, which breaks open the cells that contain the nutrients. As it turns out, this loss of nutrients is not great for your health.

But if you still want to freeze the juice, remember not to fill it till the top. Always leave some space for it to expand; otherwise, the container will burst up.

Air-tight glass containers:

It is always a good idea to use air-tight glass containers to store juice since air is a source of contamination. In the presence of air, microorganisms tend to grow and multiply. This causes alteration in the original flavor and texture of the juice. The process of fermentation also begins in the presence of air. In order to avoid this from happening, it is always better to store juice in air-tight glass containers.

If you use air-tight glass containers to store your juice, you will be able to keep it fresh for a little longer. Air will make the juice get oxidized, and all the vitamins and nutrients will get destroyed.

Immediately store juice after juicing:

Juice is very fragile. It should be served immediately to enjoy its fresh taste. If the juice is served within 15 minutes of juicing, it will be fresh and flavorful. Juice starts to degrade after 15 minutes. The degradation process is accelerated in contact with oxygen in the air. 

It’s best to keep juice in an air-tight container or a sealed bag. The juice will last for about 3 days in the refrigerator. All the healthy enzymes that help you digest your juice will be destroyed if you store it in the fridge. In fact, most of the health benefits of juicing will be lost after 24 hours of juicing. If you store the juice for longer than 24 hours, you can preserve the taste by adding a teaspoon of sugar or honey.

Type of juicer to use:

Are you wondering what type of juicer is best for longevity of the juice? Or, maybe you want to know how long fresh juice will last in your fridge or what you can do to get more out of your juice.

It’s important to make fresh juice last long enough to drink and see and feel its benefits. To keep your juice fresh and palatable, store it properly in the refrigerator. The three common juicers each have varying amounts of juice their pulp ejection systems can squeeze out. 

Citrus juicers usually get the most juice because that’s what they’re designed for. They also leave a fair amount of pulp that should be discarded after making juice. Centrifugal juicers are typically less expensive than masticating or hydraulic-press machines, and are not best for squeezing out the juice, even though they may have large pulp ejection holes. It can only last up to roughly 24 hours. Finally, masticating juicers have auger systems that spin. It can last up to 2-3 days or about 72 hours.

How To Make Fresh Juice Last Longer While Traveling?

Have you ever traveled with beverages that you need to stay refrigerated? If so, chances are you have probably arrived at your destination with warm or even spoiled juice. Recently, I have experienced the same situation traveling around the country with fresh juice. Here are some tips for making sure fresh juice will last longer.

Place ice packs in a cooler bag after you put them in the cooler. Don’t expose the juice to sunlight, and don’t store it in direct sunlight. To keep the juice fresh, cold, and delicious, store it at a temperature that keeps it at a constant cold temperature.

How Long Does Fresh Juice Last In The Fridge?

Fresh juice should last up to 1 week within the refrigerator. However, remember that not all refrigerators are created equal. There are various levels of freeze and humidity control. The juice itself should last for at least 24 hours. So it will depend on the temperatures and the humidity of your specific refrigerator.

In order to extend your juice’s fridge life, add lemon juice or another juice that contains antioxidants to combat oxidation. By removing or eliminating the air from the container, the contents will remain fresher for longer.

According to research a few years ago, a glass of fresh juice loses its nutritional value within a period of 24 hours. In an ideal scenario, it should be consumed immediately after it is extracted from the fruit. To get the most out of your fresh juice, it should be consumed within a few hours of extraction.

How Long Does Fresh Juice Last In A Mason Jar?

Juice is best stored in glass containers. One reason is that juice can be exposed to harmful oxygen, which destroys nutrients. Another reason is that you run the risk of toxins leaching into your food if it comes into contact with plastic. Mason jars are an ideal option because the level of airtightness (or lack thereof) can vary depending on the rubber seal around the lid.

First and foremost, why mason jars when you may think it’s only for making juices in the kitchen? Can’t you just use plastic bottles or other kinds of containers? The short answer is that plastics tend to release gases that then oxidize your fresh juice. Oxidation makes your juice go stale, which takes away nutrients that are supposed to be absorbed immediately by your body. It also introduces harmful substances into the mix, namely free radicals.

It’s always best to store your food as tightly packed as possible since this will help inhibit the growth of bacteria. If you’re filling a Mason jar or any other glass container with juice – you need to fill it up all the way so, again, there are no exposed gaps between mouthfuls to give bacteria anyplace to fester!

How Long Does Homemade Juice Last In The Freezer?

It depends on the type of juice. If at all possible, it is always better to use freshly made juice. Some commercial juice has additives that are not ideal for freezing. It is ok to freeze the juice without additives, but it should be consumed within two months. If you are using juice with additives, it should be consumed within one month. If you are using juice without additives, the juice should be consumed within three months.

Home-made juices do last in the freezer for 2 weeks. However, do not freeze homemade juice in aluminum or glass containers. Juice should be stored in plastic containers. Fill the container nearly to the top so it won’t spill, and place it in the freezer overnight.

The shelf life of homemade juice depends on how you store it. If you have plenty of room in the freezer and you have been able to seal it airtight, then you can store it for a couple of months. If you have very little space in the freezer and the container is not airtight, then it’s best to drink it within a week or two.

How Long Does Cold Pressed Juice Last?

The shelf life of cold pressed juices, and other cold pressed products depends on what kind of packaging is used and whether there is any oxygen present in the bottle. There is an expiration date on the bottle, but it is given in months or years. Cold pressed juices, and cold pressed products like cold pressed honey, cold pressed ointment, and cold pressed gel usually last more than a year.

Commonly, the shelf life of cold pressed juices is three to four days. When kept in the refrigerator at 4 degrees C, the juice will be safe to drink for three to four days. If the juice is kept in the freezer at -10 degrees C, the life of the juice may be prolonged to three months.

How Long Is Carrot Juice Good For After Juicing?

According to the studies, carrot juice is recommended to be consumed fresh, so it is not advisable to store it for more than 6 hours. Luckily, 6 hours is enough for your body to get all the necessary vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from this Super Juice. However, no scientific studies prove that carrot juice can be stored for a longer time, so make sure you consume it fresh!

If you’ve had the juice for over a day, it’s still good to drink. You might just want to add some pineapple or extra ginger to give it a better flavor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to drink fresh juice in the morning or at night?

If you drink fresh juice at night, it will keep you from falling asleep. If you drink the juice in the morning, it will give you the energy to start your day.

Should I make my juice a day in advance?

I would recommend you squeeze juice as needed. The reason for this recommendation is that squeezing juice locks its nutritional value. You definitely do not want to use old juice. If you have a small press, you might squeeze a day’s worth of juice so you can refrigerate it and have it each day. Otherwise, if you have a big press, squeeze as needed.

How can I increase the shelf life of fresh juice?

You can do it in a variety of ways. For example, you can add 1 teaspoon of sugar to each cup of juice. It expands the life of the juice by one day, which might be very useful if you have a lot of fresh juice from this summer. You can also add boiling water to your juice. It will be half as strong after 1 hour, but adding a 1/4 cup of boiling water will be almost as good as a fresh juice. You can use lemon instead of adding flavoring agents. Lemon acts as a natural flavor enhancer. It washes away all the dirt and dust particles that can create bacteria and thus inhibits the growth of bacteria in the juice.


The topic of how long you can keep juice has been around for a long time, but maybe you’re new to juicing and aren’t sure how long you should keep it. In this article, I have given you a simple answer as well as given you some background information on why you should keep the juice as long as possible. If you’re a first-time juicer, you might be surprised at other popular methods people use to extend freshness. 

I hope you enjoyed this article on how long can you keep fresh juice. If you have any other questions or concerns, please get in touch with us anytime. Thank you for reading. We are always excited when one of our articles is able to provide useful information on a topic like this!