Is Parchment Paper Safe?

Like everyone, I always want to see the best product in my kitchen, which is safe and easy to use. Our homes have to be free from any unwelcome chemicals that can disappoint us or, worse, pose a health risk. Understandably, we want assurance that the products and ingredients we bring into our homes are safe, clean, and not contaminated with unexpected illnesses.

So, keeping all the things in mind, we are here today to resolve some of the misconceptions regarding the use of parchment paper in kitchens. For example, some people who use parchment paper at home usually ask the question, “Is parchment paper safe?“, Can we use it in cooking, or can we place it into our oven? Does parchment paper add toxins to my meal? And many more.

So, to answer all of these questions and all other related questions, we decided to provide you with a detailed article. Using this article, you can better understand what parchment paper is, whether it’s safe or not, its types and qualities, as well as its uses.

What is Parchment Paper?

 A parchment-like paper has been parchmentized. Coating the paper with silicone enhances its durability and makes it oil-resistant and greaseproof. It’s the best thing, and you should indeed have this in your kitchen.

Papers with a parchment texture are thin but have a rougher surface than glazed paper, oil, and other papers. Always remember that you can heat parchment paper to a temperature of 420 Fahrenheit.

Moreover, silicone coating over the paper is non-sticky and relatively safe for the human body in all ways.

Is Parchment Paper Safe?

The biggest concern of most readers and the frequently asked question is, “is parchment paper safe?” So, the answer is YES. It is safe by all means. Remember! Parchment paper is so good at catching fire.

You need to be careful when using parchment paper in an oven that is very dry for a long period. Keep it away from the wall. You should hang the parchment paper at the least distance possible from the tray to avoid burning it. For the least amount of exposure to heat, keep it in contact with the tray and in the middle of the oven.

So, it is clear that parchment paper is safe to be used in kitchens for different purposes. There are a lot of benefits you can take from the parchment paper we are going to discuss next, but the main thing is that safety measures should be taken to avoid any kind of worst situation.

For What Purposes is Parchment Paper Used?

Parchment paper is one of the most useful kitchen tools as it is the best thing used for baking your yummy cakes and cookies as well as cooking different foods. Parchment paper can absorb the spare oil. However, parchment paper incorporates silicon which prevents the paper from absorbing oil, remaining moist, or becoming hot.

Furthermore, parchments can be used to sift dry ingredients (for example, flour or baking powder), wrap cakes, or coat foods while placing them in microwave ovens. Oh yes! One of the biggest advantages of parchment paper is that while baking, there is no need for oil coating when food is placed in parchment paper because this paper has a non-sticky ability that will be helpful while cooking.

In addition to your information, parchment paper is mostly used in butter and margarine factories, cheese biscuits, and the production of tea and coffees. Further, this paper is the best for steaming roast and fish.

Types of parchment paper:

There are a lot of confusions regarding types of parchment paper, and many questions arise like which is better or which is not, which should be used for what purpose, and many more. It’s common to have these questions. You are not alone with them. Therefore, in this article, I am trying my best to meet your confusion so that you can work with much confidence in your kitchen and better understand all the things.

So, there are two main types of parchment paper.

  • Bleached parchment paper
  • Unbleached parchment paper

Bleached Parchment Paper:

Bleached parchment paper is typically white because it is coated with a layer of chlorine. It is cheap and easily available in grocery stores.

Unbleached Parchment Paper:

This type of parchment paper is brown as it is chlorine-free. However, this type of parchment paper is a bit expensive as compared to bleached parchment paper.

Which one is Safe to Use? Bleached or Unbleached?

The most important and the golden rule to live a healthy life is to grab the less toxic products. Therefore, while buying parchment paper, a question always arises in our mind whether we should buy bleached parchment paper (Amazon) or unbleached parchment paper (Amazon) ? Which one is safe and why?

So, both types of parchment papers are used for the same purposes and play the same roles in the kitchen. The significant difference is the color which doesn’t have any effect on your cooked meals.

Considering the question “which one is safe to use?” The World Health Organization found that unbleached parchment paper is healthier and safer than bleached parchment paper. Because, in contrast to the bleached baking paper, the unbleached baking paper has not been treated with chlorine. When chlorine-bleached baking paper is heated, analysts are concerned that it might leak a toxic chemical called dioxin.

So now, what is dioxin? Biologically and medically, at high concentrations, dioxins are dangerous chemicals that can reduce fertility, cause cancer, reproductive and developmental problems, damage the immune system, interfere with hormones, and damage the endocrine system.

And we conclude from here that if you have a choice, always go for the unbleached parchment paper, as when we wrap food in parchment paper, it absorbs some of the chemicals from the paper. In our daily life, we avoid intake of any kind of chemical in our surroundings, so unbleached parchment paper is safe and free of toxic chemicals. 

Be confident and Go for the unbleached one!

Is parchment paper toxic?

This is another most asked question about whether parchment paper is toxic or not. Again, the answer is simple. No, it is not toxic but a very good tool to be used in the kitchens.

 Therefore, we have discussed the above in detail. There are two types of parchment paper, bleached and unbleached. Unbleached one is healthier and non-toxic so, try to prefer this always. It’s chlorine-free, so it’s better. That’s it!

Is parchment paper nonstick?

The paper used to manufacture parchment paper is treated with acid during production so that it is completely stable and highly protective against heat. Then, to give it nonstick properties, the paper is coated with a nonstick material, usually silicon.

Out of the two sides of parchment paper, generally, the shiny side of the paper is usually treated with silicon to make it nonstick. This would therefore be contrary to food and would prevent it from sticking. You should use parchment paper that has been coated on both sides if you wish to eliminate this issue.

Will parchment paper burn?

Despite being heat resistant, it is neither flame-retardant nor smoke-retardant. Therefore, it can be easily burnt with flame. Remember! It is seriously prohibited to use parchment paper under a broiler or in a toaster oven; otherwise, it will burn for sure.

Although it is a fact that parchment paper is heat resistant, it has a limit. It is heat resistant up to 215 degrees Celsius. I, unfortunately, had a personal experience of the burning of parchment paper. I mistakenly left it near an unattended stove, and it caught fire. Don’t make this mistake on your end, please! 

Which one is good for baking? Parchment Paper or Wax Paper?

Parchment Paper vs Wax Paper

Parchment paper is good for baking as compared to wax paper. Wax paper is not so good to be used in baking as it cannot resist high temperatures. Whenever you bake, wax on your paper can melt and be transferred to whatever you are baking. It would be dangerous for health.

Another disadvantage is that wax paper has a relatively low smoke point, which means that it will smoke when it is in the oven and, if you are cooking something that requires extended baking time or very high heat, it could be burnt.

So it’s better not to use wax paper for baking purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we use aluminum foil instead of parchment paper?

It’s a good substitute for parchment paper, but it is sticky, unlike parchment paper. Therefore, when you wrap your food into it, there might be a chance that some of your food remains stuck to it. Further, just like parchment paper, aluminum foil sheets are good for steaming roasts and fish, used in ovens, and covered with food to keep it warm. If you are short of parchment paper, aluminum foil is a better option then.

Can we use parchment paper more than once?

O yes! This is one of the biggest and my favorite flex pieces of parchment paper that can be used as many times as you want till it becomes dirty. You can wrap cookies and use them for other dry products several times.

Does parchment paper get soggy?

During parchment paper production, it is passed through sulphuric acid, which makes it strong enough to resist while being wet. So, this paper doesn’t soak up oil or moisture. Don’t worry!

Is parchment paper safe in the air fryer?

The answer is an absolute yes. By lining the basket with parchment paper, you will no longer suffer from food sticking.


I have summed up this article to conclude that parchment paper is one of the best things and should be present in every kitchen. I love it and recommend it for baking purposes. After going through this article, I hope you have found your solution to the question “is parchment paper safe?” as I have tried to explain every pros and cons in detail.

As to the advantages of a thing, there are always some wrong sides too. So, the main thing is to follow precautionary measures while using any product, especially in the kitchen, to avoid drawbacks.

Still, if you have any queries or confusion about the parchment paper, you can ask freely by commenting below. We are with you and always available to help you!

Stay safe and enjoy your life!

Happy baking!

Hareem Fatima
Hareem Fatima is 28 years old and works as a kitchen manager for Marvel's Company. She was mainly responsible for finding the most affordable and best kitchen products. Her main concern is to provide the best reviews on Kitchen Heed, in order to help you save money and time!
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